Rone – Bora Vocal

Y’a pas d’secret. Y’a pas d’secret, y’a une vérité… simple, sobre, crue quoi.

« Alain, la Horde du Contrevent, tu la réussiras uniquement si tu t’isoles. Si tu t’isoles, tu comprends c’que ça veut dire isole ? Isola ! L’île, quoi ! Tu crées ton île, que les gens soient extrêmement loin de toi mais… loin parce que ton univers sera vaste, sera immense, sera énorme !… Une énorme puissance d’univers.

Tout l’univers, et tout le vent, faut qu’tu vives complètement là dedans. y’a qu’ça qu’il faut, qu’tu restes collé au vent, collé au vent… et qu’tu t’battes, et qu’tu fasses aucune concession.

T’es pas consultant là, le consulting c’est d’la merde, la pub c’est d’la merde ! La seule chose qui ait de la valeur, c’est quand t’es capable de faire un chapitre comme celui-là, ça, ça restera, ça ça mérite que tu vives… tu peux vivre pour écrire ça, ouais. Là t’es pas né pour rien, t’es nécessaire quoi… t’es pas surnuméraire, t’es pas superflu.

Et c’est ça qu’il faut te dire, mec, c’est ça qu’il faut putain d’te dire. Lâche pas l’morceau !«

Buffer 4am , Exodus Sender , Fourth Vision , Picture Organisation , Console Drug , Very Concrete , Frequency Grey , Love Theory , Cloud Visa , Transmission Apartment , Less Ego , Picture Chic , express checkout Visa , Easy Vision , Everyday Neon , Club of Situation , Point Time , Mainframe Mind , Surface Sender , Horror Thing , Satellite Blue , Action Service , Blurred Duplicate , Core Think , Exit Method , You Volume , Love Untitled , Crash Sin , Perfect Nova , Rama Per Second , Easy Death , Reverse Helium , Love Machine , Untitled Unfinished , Too Many Knowledge , Body Buffer , Scene Stereo , Super Untitled , Rama Ware , Logic Behavior , Escalator Space , Ultra Young , Less Matte , Special Touch , Last Nova , Neo Candy , This Sunrise , Drug Spectrum , Duo Nothing , This Console , Proto Loop , This Poly , Self disco , Place Pro , Raw Altered , This is Vague , Dangerous Bureau , Monotone interface , Acronym Unfinished , Master Output , Ware Spectrum , Unfinished Desire , Stars Per Second , Service Copy , Near Gold , Graphic Context , Fuck Context , Super Per Second , Dream Per Second , Output Per Second , Digital Per Second , Everyday Per Second , Doom Per Second , Vision O’Rama , User O’Rama , Now O’Rama , More O’Rama , Unfinished O’Rama , Total O’Rama , Neo O’Rama

First thing you think of making is the first thing most people will think of making. Keep going, most people don't #creativitytips
ran out of fucks to give. let's go.
Kürzester IT Witz: "Jetzt geht's wieder."
Less please.
If you're under 30, find your passion and deprioritize everything else in your life.
no really, I get it; it's a space shuttle and you saw it.
note to self, in public:
biggest error newbie programmers make is to think a computer is intelligent
boring people with fantastic CV's
they see me CSSin’ they hatin’
Every website you visit has a physical location.
Teacher: you're just somebody that I used, to know
Just an FYI: Stars in the Universe far outnumber all sounds & words ever uttered by all humans who ever lived.
My mental model of the universe collapsed when I learned this astonishing fact earlier today: Walmart owns MUJI.
@terrycavanagh I don't believe in ownership of ideas or pursuit of novelty, just the intrinsic worth of a project.
There were 53 kilobytes of digital memory worldwide in 1953.
away to get a wee trendy tosser haircut before sxsw
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