HUNTER Original FW2015 Campaign Film

A Hunter Highland Fling — An Adventure Through The Scottish Highlands, Following A Group Of Young Pioneers On Their Fun And Very Digital Day Out

HUNTER approached us to direct and create a campaign film as well as an accompanying stills campaign to bring to life the Fall Winter 2015 collection in an innovative and new approach.

Taking the cast on an epic journey through a digital version of the Scottish Highlands, we created a hybrid look between a simplified, minimal hard edged 3D aesthetic, reminiscent of 80’s VR environments and the naturally very beautiful and epic Scottish Highlands.


Client — HUNTER Original
Concept — HUNTER and Thomas Traum
Director — Thomas Traum
VFX (Animation and Compositing) — Thomas Traum Ltd
DoP —Gareth Munden
Sound Design — Father
Roto and Colour Grade — Okay Studio