Hunter FW 2015 Stills Campaign


Hunter FW2015 Stills Campaign’s Fun Day Out in the Scottish Highlands

In collaboration with the Hunter creative team and acclaimed photographer and filmmaker Elaine Constantine we worked on the Hunter Fall/Winter 2015 stills campaign.

The Scottish Highlands, the heritage of the brand, were recreated by us with digital renders in a new, modern treatment. Blurring the renders and photography into one, the cast is set within a dramatic and hyperreal Scottish landscape of heathers and lichens, mountains and lakes.

The photography comprises four scenes, presenting different stages of the journey. From a picnic complete with sandwiches and a thermos flask to navigation with orienteering maps and trekking poles, a traditional British adventure is created for the campaign. Climbing ramps and ladders, the models played out the journey against green screens, later transformed into a backdrop of the rugged landscapes of Scotland.