Victorinox FW-16 — Installation

Taking over the NY Swiss Institute with a multiscreen installation.

Victorinox commissioned us to showcase their FW-16 collection through an innovative installation as part of NYFW at the Swiss Institute in NYC.

We used a mixture of CGI and live action footage to create four distinct environments for four key looks of the collection to be played over a five times HD sized projection. The projection spanned over three walls of the art gallery while sound and video were controlled by a custom software. The software mixed 100s of renders and live action footage and a 32 channel soundtrack together in real time as a never-ending film.



Concept  —  Thomas Eberwein & Régis Tosetti + Simon Palmieri
3D & Film Direction  —  Thomas Eberwein
Art Direction  —  Regis Tosetti + Simon Palmieri
3D Animation & VFX  —  Thomas Traum (Thomas Eberwein, Safwaan Motara, Victor Ferier), Rich Nosworthy, Kevin Gautraud, Pierre Magnol, Misha Shyukin, Peter Tomaszewicz
Cloth Simulation  —  Fabian Rosenkranz
Modelling  —  Joe Myers
Editing  —  Ndayé Kouagou, Akhil Kanukuntla, Victor Ferier
Grading —  Okay Studio
Programmer  —  Daniel Lewis
Sound Design & Music  —  Dom Harwood

DOP  —  Stefan Yap
Set Design  —  Thomas Bird
Focus Puller — Andrew Bradley
2nd AC — Julian Sharma
DIT — Chris Belcher
Gaffer — Lee Parfit
Sparks — Terry Robb & Martin Kloud
Rigger — Jason Lobb
Grip — Phil Murray
Runners — Sam Carter and Bui Mushekwa

Model  —  Jaycey Elthalion @ Select
Casting Director  —  Sarah Bunter
Grooming  —  Jody Taylor @ Premier
Styling  —  Alize Demange

Production — Julie Vergez for Thomas Traum Ltd